Professor Bonse is a language educator of the highest quality.  The language skills that I gained while under Professor Bonse’s instruction have stayed with me throughout the years.  As a Supervisor of Patient Accounts for Western North Carolina’s largest health system, I use my Spanish language skills on a daily basis to serve a vulnerable segment of our population.  I tie my success in this field directly to the time I studied under Professor Bonse.        Michael Jay Raymond 


It has been my distinct pleasure to be a student of Pamela Bonse for the past year. As a former educator and current twelve year trustee of the Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District, I have both very high standards for teaching excellence and a strong frame of reference for what constitutes outstanding instruction. Ms. Bonse exceeds all expectations. Rarely have I seen any teacher bring such a combination of academic rigor and personal enthusiasm for her students to the classroom.
Ms. Bonse's credentials are impeccable, yet that fact alone does not account for her excellence as a teacher. It is clear that she loves both her students and her subject matter. Her understanding of the value of learning a foreign language as a means to participate fully in that culture underlies all other instruction. She clearly has a personal commitment to transcend the ordinary lesson-by-lesson approach as she moves her students fully into the life of another language and culture. I hope you can one day see her eyes light up with excitement as she teaches what might otherwise be a mundane
piece of grammar, as she swirls that concept into its inter-relation to some key concept
for the student to grasp. Indeed, she reminds me of a dancer with language, as she weaves words, sentence structure, culture, geography, and history into each class session. A master of the Socratic method, Ms. Bonse never lets a student out of her teaching grip until the student has caught the fascination with the language as well as the immediate concept.
It was a major decision for me to commit the time and energy to learning a foreign language at this season in my life and the life of our family. Without a doubt, working with Pamela Bonse has been a challenging adventure, one which has enriched my life. Throughout my forty year career in various fields of education, I can identify perhaps five truly gifted teachers. Pamela Bonse is one of those five, and stands alone in foreign language instruction.

Gerry M. Fleuriet