Spanish and French Classes:


  •   Private   
  •   Semi-private  2  
  •   Small group (3-4) 
  •   Medium group  (5-6)

Class Levels:


  • True Beginner  Has no prior exposure to the target language.
  •  Beginner  Has minimal  exposure to the target language.
  •  Intermediate   After a  review of the present tense, the student is ready to begin the past tenses.
  •  Advanced  Has a firm grasp of the present and past tenses, and may or may not have gone into the subjunctive mood.


Enjoy studying SPANISH or FRENCH in a  beautiful classroom or via online face to face lessons.  If needed, a combination of  the aforementioned is  possible.  

My business is  a success and very  much in demand. Hallelujah!  Therefore potential students are sometimes placed on a waiting list until they can be worked into my  busy schedule.  Patience please, and don't hesitate to keep checking in for an opening.   



  • Customized scheduling for the busy professional with early bird or evening classes and flexible hours.
  • Students interviewed and, when necessary, tested for proper placement with a partner or partners.  Students are carefully placed with a partner or in a small group based on similar goals and skills. 
  • All instruction materials are of the highest quality and incorporate the latest online interactive tools that enable students to receive immediate feedback when doing drills. Please go to and check out:  Aventuras 5th Edition (Spanish) or Espaces  4th Edition  or  D'accord ! 1,2,3  (French) materials. 
  • Specific vocabulary needs of the student are incorporated as often as possible while doing interactive oral class drills.
  • Upon request a customized curriculum will be created.  For example, on several occasions students have requested a block of French classes before heading to a French speaking country.  Based on their previous exposure or lack of exposure to the language a curriculum was designed to meet their specific need. 
  • Most classes are taught in the BSL professional classroom in Apex,  NC.