Each student is a uniquely talented individual who deserves an education

that will propel her forward on her life journey to develop to her fullest potential.  My

desire as an educator is to motivate and inspire students to set high goals and then to

assist them in developing the self-discipline and focus to accomplish these goals.  Time

and again as an educator I have witnessed how a teacher’s positive affirming belief in a

student can powerfully impact a student’s success in the classroom as well as in other

areas of her life.    

As a foreign language teacher, I have an opportunity to expand the students’ minds not

only in learning the language but also in learning about other cultures, which in turn

will lead to a greater understanding of their own culture.  As our fast, high tech world

continues to grow even smaller, it is imperative that our students expand their horizons.

Acquiring a foreign language can open many doors that would otherwise be


We are born with an innate desire to learn and that learning can and should

continue to be enjoyable and stimulating throughout our lives.  In the classroom my

students work diligently and are continually challenged while at the same time having

fun.  My experience has shown me that if laughter is part of the learning process there is

a higher level of participation and focus, which in turn leads to a greater retention of the

material being presented.  

Furthermore, I believe in competency-based education.  Before a class moves forward, a
majority must have demonstrated an acceptable level of competency.  A foreign language

class should stress all four skills:  reading, writing, speaking and listening.  To develop

the oral skills, classes must be filled with a high level of active participation by all

students and the teacher.  To process and assimilate the new material into the permanent

memory bank, the students must consistently do a variety of homework assignments such as:

completing handouts and creative tasks from the teacher;  doing drills in the text and  the online interactive site; listening to music and the news; watching movies; speaking to native speakers whenever the opportunity arises; and if possible, traveling  to Spanish or French speaking areas.

The videos that are

coordinated with the text are another extremely valuable resource, and they

assist in oral skill development while adding to the students’ appreciation of many

cultural points of interest.  To further improve oral skills students are strongly encouraged

to study with a partner or a small group outside of class.  Also, well-written quizzes and exams, that 

are corrected as soon as possible, are excellent tools that assess the students’ strengths and

weaknesses and are a valuable teaching tool.  

In addition, my philosophy includes patience, understanding, commitment of my time

beyond the classroom, and a sincere enjoyment in seeing my students succeed.  In our

competitive society it is important for students not only to receive a solid

education, but to work with someone who is aware of and sensitive to their individual

needs.  I am such a person and continually strive to be the best teacher possible.